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Catch A New Season This August 2017

A US Television Talk Show for ages 13-40. Host: Amaris, humorously engages her audience about:

  Various Hot Topics - The Political Hot Seat ?

  College -vs- Your Small Businesses Dream

  Health/Fitness & Life Style Coaching

  Celebrity Gossip & More...


Amaris, Introduces surprise co-host insearch of her show successor to Gurl Talk TV Show this 2017 Season. As Gurl Talk Show takes on a new season and direction with some awesome guest.

Good Cop - Bad Cop, Show host discuss The Entertainment Industry's Hot Topics: "Celebrity Relationship Gossip"

In The Public Eye of "Politics & Entrepreneurship" how laws affect Americans ,Today.

"Pros & Cons" of Americas brands and products (healthy or not)

Life Style Highlight's: "Up front & Behind The Scenes" as Host Amaris, interviews the industry's top professionals in 'Corporate, Technology and Entrepreneurial fields", These fields have become the primary revenue stream to many students and graduates. Watch Amaris's in depth interview with these professionals.

A must watch season for audiences around the Globe. I'm anxiously waiting to see, what the entrepreneurs have to say when the microscope is on them personally.


  Global Reach

  Audience Target: 13 - 40

  Multicultural and Diverse M/F

 Mobile Television Broadcast Worldwide via Smart Phones, PCs/Mac, Tablets and Smart TV's with Social Media Engaged Communities.

"Gurl Talk" Premieres August 18,7pm-2016 on our Worldwide Broadband Mobile TV Networks Www.GurlTalk.TV and Www.TeensChannel17.TV

Gurl Talk is the first reality television show to launch Globally on Mobile Devices. Accessible by all Mobile phones, Tablet's, Smart TV's and Personal Computers World Wide. Wherever there's a Wi-Fi Connection you can access Gurl Talk TV Show. Engage the NOW Audience!

Gurl Talk

Our mission is to inform and entertain tomorrow's generation of multicultural young women and men. To reveal what's behind the many curtains of life and show what life claims to offer them. Answer their concerns about tomorrow's World Existence, Education, Relationships, Employment -vs -Entrepreneurship and many more exciting topics...

These Answers are presented by today's professionally achieved Leader's and Successor's, providing their time and experiences in hopes of saving as many young women and men as possible from life's rough ride by revealing what's behind door #1, #2 & #3, things your parents may have never ex[lained you.

Hosted By: Amaris Soph'e Adara


ASA Television Studios, Atlanta Georgia


Show Host

Directed By:

Host: Amaris Adara, Promotions-Ads Model and Actress is host to "GURL TALK TV SHOW" Amaris and friends airing August 17th, 2017 at 7pm Eastern. Gurl Talk is Produced and Hosted By: Amaris Sophe Adara. CEO of Amaris Sophe Adara Television Corporation and Directed By: Leonardo Willis of Thee Creative Agency. America's leading Marketing and Advertisement Firm.

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